Appendix J: Post-Interview Reflection Form

Sarah Ladd

Post-Interview-Reflection-Form (PDF format)

Immediately after each interview, take some time to complete a post-interview reflection. This form can help you remember what went well, and explore areas for possible improvement on your own or with assistance from a Co-op Coordinator or Career Counsellor.

Information to Record: Details
Interview Date/Time:
Name of Company/Organization:
Name of Interviewer(s):
Position Interviewed for:
What questions were you asked?
Overall, what went well with the interview?
What answers seemed to please or impress the interviewers most?
Overall, what do you feel could have gone better with the interview?
Did you have enough relevant examples prepared?
Did you effectively use the STAR technique to give specific examples?
What could have gone better with this technique?
How did you demonstrate your knowledge of the position, the organization,
and match yourself to both with relevant experiences, skills, and personality traits?
Did you make good eye contact, maintain good posture throughout,
and speak clearly and loudly enough to be heard?
What went well, and what can you do to improve?
Did you gather enough information to make a decision about accepting the job?
If no, what more do you need to consider and find out?
What else can you do better to prepare for future interviews?


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