Appendix K: Sample “Thank-You” Emails

Sarah Ladd

Sample #1

Dear Mr. Green and Ms. Grey,

I want to thank you again for meeting with me today to consider me for your cellular biology research position. I am even more interested in this role, after hearing how much each of you enjoy your work, and learning about the new lab facilities you’ve opened. It would be my pleasure to work for you and hope to hear from you soon.


Gurdev Kapoor


Sample #2

Dear Ms. McGrath, Mr. Onyango, and Mr. Kim,

Thank you for taking the time to interview me yesterday afternoon for your Events Coordinator position. After speaking with you, I am even more certain that I will be able to share my event management experience from my previous summer work in tourism. I would be very happy to work with your team to help make your events run even more smoothly and boost attendance with some targeted social media posts. I look forward to hearing from you.


Kevin Chiu


Sample #3

Dear Ms. Chen,

Thank you for meeting with me today to interview me for your Financial Analyst job. ABC Financial truly sounds like a welcoming, team environment that I believe would allow me to show my passion.

During the interview, I mentioned my teamwork skills from a school project. After I left the interview, I remembered a much better example. I hope it is alright for me to share this with you now. When I was vice president of a student club at TRU,  I organized and led a team of 9 volunteers to host a workshop. I set regular meetings with them, encouraged them to divide all tasks up between them, and checked in lots to make sure they were on track, if they needed help, and were enjoying their roles. The event went very well, and all volunteers showed up prepared and on time.

Thank you again for considering me. I would be honoured to work for your company.


Allison Smith


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