Appendix F: BBI Question Samples

Sarah Ladd

Provide an example of a time you:

  • Handled an extremely stressful situation at work.
  • Motivated someone who was not performing well.
  • Adjusted to a colleague’s work style in order to complete a project or objective.
  • Had to analyze a large amount of information and make a recommendation.
  • Used creative problem solving.
  • Took specific steps before making a decision.
  • Had to complete a task with incomplete instructions or missing information.
  • Discovered an error that had been overlooked by yourself or a coworker.
  • Dealt effectively with an angry customer.
  • Convinced team members or a supervisor to move ahead with an idea you had.
  • Used written skills to communicate a complex piece of information.
  • Were uncertain of the next steps in a task, but unsure who to ask for help.
  • Came up with a unique way of doing something.
  • Recognized a potential problem as an opportunity.
  • Had an idea or initiative that resulted in a positive change.
  • Conformed to a policy you did not agree with.
  • Found yourself dealing with a person you did not like.
  • Had an interaction with a customer you wish you had dealt with differently.
  • Were called upon to lead in a difficult situation.
  • Needed to complete multiple tasks within the same timeframe.
  • Were given a list of tasks and had to make decisions about priorities.
  • Convinced a reluctant customer to utilize your services.
  • Worked with a team member who did not do their share of the work.
  • Arrived at a compromise in order to meet a team objective.
  • Were faced with a personal or professional setback.
  • Went above and beyond to get a task or job finished.


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